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Dec 15 2016

Happy Birthday Cecil Payne!

Just in time for what would have been Cecil Payne’s 94th birthday we have another transcription from the bop master. Thanks yet again to Fred Koch, a new Cecil Payne transcription in the repository. The song is “Dexterity”. Fred even provided a YouTube video of the song (labeled incorrectly). Check it out!

Jul 12 2016

Tim Stocker’s new YouTube lesson series

Baritone Saxophonist, Tim Stocker (currently residing in Singapore) has a new website and a new lesson series he is just starting up on YouTube. He includes some great daily exercises and tips for the baritone. Check out the first video below!

Apr 21 2016

New carbon fiber stand for baritone!

Instrument stand companies often neglect the baritone saxophone, but there is some good news.

A woodwind accessory designer in the Netherlands has developed a new incredibly light weight and promising stand for the baritone saxophone – both for low A and low Bb models! The wait time is currently 4 months and the price is …

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Apr 11 2016

Video: Ronnie Cuber on taking up the baritone sax.


And part 2!


Apr 08 2016

What does 22 baritone saxes playing “Tenor Madness” sound like?

kinda like this:

From the April 2016 VandoJam at the Zinc bar in NYC! Happy 60th Birthday to Gary Smulyan!

Jan 31 2016

A new altissimo workout from Jeff Suzda

Dec 28 2015

Video feature on Gary Smulyan

Check out this excellent featurette on baritone saxophonist, Gary Smulyan:

Nov 01 2015

Check out Jonah Parzen-Johnson

Jonah has really developed a unique style of music with solo baritone saxophone and digital effects and/or pedals. Check out this video, includes playing and interviewing.

Oct 03 2015

A Kickstarter project and new album from Adison Evans

Sep 27 2015

Interview with Joe Temperley

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