Brian Landrus is a low woodwind player and composer based in Brooklyn NY. He grew up in Reno NV and was born September 14th, 1978. He began playing saxophone at 12 and was performing professionally by 15. He has become one of the strongest original voices in the music world on baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, bass saxophone, bass flute, and alto flute. He specializes on the low end of the audio spectrum but plays nearly all woodwind instruments. He has been called a “Low Woodwind Expert” by Time Out New York, and a “baritone saxophone and bass clarinet ace”, by JazzTimes. He has been voted rising star baritone saxophonist in Downbeat Magazine’s International Critics Poll in 2012, 2011, & 2010.  Landrus plays in many different ensembles and currently tours the world in Esperanza Spalding’s band where he plays baritone and tenor saxophone.

Landrus  started his own record label, BlueLand Records in 2011 and has released two CDs on it with a third already recorded and to be released  in 2013. “Traverse” was released in 2011 with the Brian Landrus Quartet featuring Michael Cain on piano, Lonnie Plaxico on acoustic bass, and Billy Hart on drums. “Capsule” by the Brian Landrus Kaleidoscope was also released in 2011. This band features Nir Felder on guitar, Michael Cain on Rhodes & piano, Matthew Parish on acoustic bass, and Rudy Royston on drums. The third recording on BlueLand will be released in 2013 with the Landrus Kaleidoscope plus string quartet. The band is Brian Landrus on bari sax, bass sax, bass clarinet, contra alto clarinet, and bass flute. Nir Felder on guitar, Frank Carlberg on Rhodes and piano, Lonnie Plaxico on acoustic and electric bass, Rudy Royston on drums, Mark Feldman on violin, Joyce Hammann on violin, Judith Insell on viola, Jody Redhage on cello, and Ryan Truesdell conducting and co-producing. All the music on these recordings was composed and arranged by Brian Landrus.

He has been blessed to play with some of the greatest musicians in the world including Bob Brookmeyer, Jerry Bergonzi, Rufus Reid, Lonnie Plaxico, Michael Cain, Danilo Perez, Frank Carlberg, Ryan Truesdell, Frank Kimbrough, Maria Schneider, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Martha Reeves, The Coasters, The Drifters, George Garzone, Jason Palmer, Billy Hart, Rakalam Bob Moses, Esperanza Spalding, Louis Nash, Peter Epstein, Nicholas Urie, Darryl Harper, Roscoe Mitchell, Allan Chase, Francis Vanek, John Lockwood, Ayn Inserto, Alan Ferber, Omar Thomas, Scott Robinson, Ralph Alessi, and many more.

Brian earned his Bachelor’s degree in saxophone performance at UNR and two Master of Music Degrees at the New England Conservatory. One in Jazz Composition, and the other in Jazz Saxophone. Brian teaches at The 92Y School of Music in NYC & The Lagond Music School in Westchester NY.

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