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May 28th, 1985 | Andrew Hadro [Hey-dro]

Andrew Hadro is a professional musician, composer, and bandleader in Brooklyn, New York. Hadro’s primary instrument is baritone saxophone, though he also performs on bass clarinet, Bb clarinet, and flute, and is one of the only working musicians in New York City to play the bass saxophone.

Recently, Hadro has been presenting compositions by current living composers through his ongoing project “For Us, The Living,” An effort to honor tradition through innovation. Hadro has performed and recorded two albums for this series, with the most recent released in April 2018.

After 15 years in NYC, Hadro can be heard through an expanding discography and frequent live performances. He has played with and led ensembles large and small, featuring historical and modern styles, as well as through-composed and fully improvised music.

Born abroad in Mexico to American parents, Hadro spent most of his childhood in the Chicago area before moving to New York City to study at the New School for Jazz. In addition to working as a performer, Andrew Hadro is a product specialist for Vandoren, advising fellow musicians on equipment including reeds and mouthpieces. As curator of Hadro provides resources and news to baritone saxophonists all over the world. During summers Hadro serves as a director and faculty member for the Litchfield Jazz Camp in Connecticut.

“Rather than follow the path of bop-oriented bari blazers…Hadro prefers to play the baritone saxophone in a soft, beautiful, subtle way. And rather than waiting around to be signed to a label, he’d rather do it himself.”


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Andrew’s set up:

  • Low Bb Conn New Wonder II Baritone Saxophone
    • Hard Rubber Vandoren V5 series B95 mouthpiece, Leather Ligature
    • Vandoren ZZ 2 1/2 reeds
  • Low C Kessler Bass Clarinet
    • Vandoren B50 mouthpiece, Leather Ligature
    • Vandoren V12 2 1/2 reeds
  • Haynes Q2 Flute
  • Conn Silver Plated Bass Saxophone
    • Vandoren B75 V5 Series Mouthpiece, Leather Ligature
    • Vandoren 2 Traditional Bass reeds