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From Ted’s site:

I am the leader of the Ted Hogarth Collective (THC), which has many configurations. THC’s debut CD is Misconception and features a sextet. Sound clips are available on my Recordings page. I also have a quartet recording Steps Taken, with sound clips available on my Recordings page as well. THC features original compositions and arrangements by myself and other THC members.

My passion is playing the baritone saxophone, clarinet, and bass clarinet. My inspiration on these instruments is drawn primarily from Harry Carney, Gerry Mulligan, Jimmy Hamilton, and Barney Bigard. The range and sonority of the baritone and bass clarinet are very appealing to my ear and I strive to achieve a full, rich, and dark tone.

I’m privileged to work with some of Chicago’s finest musicians. I’ve been a member of the Chicago Jazz Ensemble, founded by Bill Russo and now under the artistic direction of Jon Faddis, for the past nine years. More information about the CJE can be found at www.chijazz.com. I’m also a member of Rob Parton’s JazzTech Big Band, www.rparton.com. Both groups have CDs available through their respective wed sites. In addition to these groups I also play with a variety of groups, which range in style from traditional jazz to hard rock. Visit www.kimotion.org to learn about and hear sound clips from a great band called Kimotion lead by Kimo Williams.

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Ted’s Discography:

  • DePaul University Jazz Ensemble with Slide Hampton
  • DePaul University, 2006
  • DePaul University Jazz Ensemble with Phil Woods, Woodlands
  • DePaul University, 2005
  • Ted Hogarth Collective, Misconception, stereo CD, Wide Sound WD134, 2004
  • John Fournier, Drinking in Airports, stereo CD, LunaDisc 013, 2004
  • Kimotion, Live 2002, stereo CD, Little Beck Music LBM 8052, 2002
  • Kimotion, Tracking, stereo CD, Little Beck Music LBM 8050, 2001
  • Catherine Gauthier, First Steps, stereo CD, no label, 2001
  • Ted Hogarth, Steps Taken, stereo CD, no label, 2000
  • Chicago Jazz Ensemble, Kenton á la Russo, stereo CD
  • Hallway Records 9710, 2000
  • Michele Thomas, I’ll Take Romance, stereo CD, no label, 1999
  • Brian O’Hern and the Model Citizens Big Band, Party, Party, Party, stereo CD
  • MC 98, 1998
  • North Eastern Illinois University Jazz Ensemble, Midlife Crisis, stereo CD
  • HD 3306, 1998
  • North Eastern Illinois University Jazz Ensemble, stereo CD, HD 2723, 1997