Alain Cupper was born on the 5th January in Brussels – Belgium (Europe). He is a baritone sax player, composer, arranger, Band leader and teacher.

He started his career playing tenor sax. After a classical music background he later dedicated himself to jazz. He attended lessons for three years at “Jazz Studio” in Antwerp and took part in several training sessions with some of the best known jazz musicians, notably Joe Lovano, John Ruocco, Erwin Van and Ton Van de Gheyn.

Alain has performed in most Belgian clubs with different jazz formations . He has worked as a freelance and has toured all over Europe. He also has played in Big Bands, made studio recordings, and performed in different countries (Italy, Switzerland, Greece, France, Germany, Morocco…). He lived in Senegal, Africa for two years where he played a variety of local jazz formations in clubs and festivals.

After having played tenor, alto and soprano saxophone for some years, Alain turned to baritone sax, an instrument that he has studied in depth and with passion. In Belgium, he is considered to be the specialist of Baritone saxophone.

Additionally, Alain has formed his own groups “Alain Cupper Quartet / Quintet” with a repertory that consists primarily of his own compositions, as well as tunes from the heavyweights of baritone Sax that he plays as a tribute to them all. Alain enjoys working in duet (saxophone / piano) and he has released several CD´s of his music as a band leader.

Alain Cupper has performed on stage with the best Belgian and European Jazzmen. In addition to his career as a stage and studio musician, he works at “The European School of Brussels” where he teaches music theory and history of music, the saxophone, jazz ensembles and improvisation, as well as conducting a Big Band.

Alain Cupper’s Baritone Sax Set up:

  • Low A Selmer Mark VI Baritone
  • (or) Low Bb King Zephyr Baritone
  • Custom made metal Francois Louis mouthpiece
  • (or) Custom wooden Francois Louis mouthpiece.
  • Rico Orange box reeds 3
  • (or) Hahm Synthetic reeds

Selected discography:

As a leader:

  • “Bunga” – 2003
  • “Cold Station” – 2005
  • “A Peaceful Traveller” – 2011

As a sideman:

  • “La” – Groovy What’s
  • “Sunshine in the Night” – The Minstrel’s
  • “One day just for the Funk” – Funkyfly
  • “Gwen Taylor” – Scenes in the City
  • “Same Thing” – Wild one Dee
  • “The Unknown Soldier” – The Big Day
  • “Outside” – Outside quartet