Bio from Carlo’s site:Born in Turin on 21 March 1952, he has been living in the South of Italy during the childhood. His grandfather played trumpet in the folkloristic band of his village in Piedmont, North of Italy. He started to play clarinet, then he played sax in several band of dancing music, rhythm ‘n’ blues, and swing.

Since the early 70s he has been dedicated to concertistic and discographic activities, appearing in more than 70 records, figuring as leader or co-leader in half of them.

He was co-founder in ’74 of Art Studio, one of the first group to play new jazz in Italy (concerts in France,Germany,Holland…) and member of the musicians coop. CMC (from ’77).

Many magazines have published articles and interviews about him in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Turkey. He made concerts all over Europe and in Canada, USA, Japan, Senegal, Antilles, Morocco, Argentina, Ethiopia.

He leads his Actis Dato Quartet, exhibiting in more than 100 festivals in Japan, Morocco, Canada, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Finland, Austria, Slovenja, Croatia, Ethiopia, Lithuania, Antilles and Italy. Also exhibiting in clubs everywhere in Europe and Japan. The Quartet, assembled in 1984, has participated to radio programs for the national networks in Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Germany, France, Croatia and Switzerland. In the annual referendum of music critics of “Musica Jazz” magazine it was ranked for seven times among the top Italian groups and his records are on “The Penguin Guide to Jazz” and on Larousse Encyclopaedia.

He co-leads Atipico Trio (Berlin, Helsinki, Le Mans) and Brasserie Trio (Nevers, Mulhouse, Moers, Clusone, Pisa, Saalfelden, Roma).

He plays Solo recitals (Nimes, Le Mans, Perpignan, Roma, Rive-de-Gier, Vancouver, seven tours in Japan, USA, Canada).

He leads Actis’Band, aggressive-downtown music.

He is a member of Italian Instabile Orchestra, six times voted as the best group in Italy (festivals in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Austria, England, Canada Tour 2000, Chicago, Japan), of Minafra Sud Ensemble (France, Germany, Portugal, Canada, England, Bulgaria, Norway, Japan, Holland, Spain), Fazio Sextet (Argentina, Salzburg), Occhipinti nonet (Mainz, Liege, Amsterdam, Mulhouse, Portugal), Duo with E. Rocco (France, Belgium, Lithuania, Japan, England, Ireland), Maltese Open Ensemble.

He was a member of DOM Orchestra, Mitteleuropa Orchestra (Sevilla, Wien, Munich), E.Christi Quintet (New York, Toronto, Senegal) and many others.

He took part in many dance and theatre performances.

In the 2000 critics poll of the american magazine “Down Beat” he was ranked among the best baritone sax players worlwide

He played with David Murray, K.Vandermark, W.Horvitz, B.Phillips, L.Moholo, C.Taylor, R.Garrett, J.Shahid, E.Rava, G.Gaslini, M.Dresser, L.Bowie, D.Sanborn, G.Sommer, M.Nicols, A.Salis, L.Kont, K.Umezu, M.Satoh, T.Kondo ,S.Fujii, C.Zingaro, M.Bisio, J.McPhee



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