billycarrionYanagisawa saxophone artist Billy Carrión Jr. never attended a music prep course, music camps, or a major musical school; instead it was passion, and hard work that has driven Billy’s young 15 year career. Although baritone saxophone is his main voice, Billy can be seen performing on as many as 13 instruments, and even with a custom effects board developed for the baritone saxophone, dubbed ‘The Harmonic Weapon.’ Going the “old school route,” Billy used the music of the past, along with his logic to learn, and earn his way into musics elite performers, instead of the more traditional lessons, and various music programs. Despite those things, he has managed to record and perform with some amazing musicians in many genres including Eddie Palmieri – Latin Jazz & La Perfecta , Ray Barretto, Henry Cole & The Afrobeat Collective, Los Pleneros De La 21, Jerry Medina y la Banda, Papo Vazquez, Ned Sublette, Victor Manuelle, Andy Montanez, The Fiendz, Robert Fitzpatrick, United Nation, Tom Vella And The Wayside, Last Perfect Thing, Quincy Jones’ artist Alfredo Rodriguez, Joe Magnarelli, Giovanni Hidalgo, David Oquendo, among others…

Current running ensembles include: 
• Three Free 
Billy Carrión Jr., Jon Di Fiore and Luke Celenza have been performing music for years. Their long-standing friendship is the tie that binds them together. They represent a strong collective thread from years of playing in Big Bands, traditional Piano Trio and even a Free Jazz Quintet. 

This time, they’ve formed a new Ensemble stripped back to baritone saxophone, keyboards/piano, and drums. They’ve also written new “themes and vibes” that play to each other’s musical personalities. 

Billy Carrión Jr. – baritone saxophone 
Luke Celenza – piano/Nord 
Jon Di Fiore – Drums 

• The Hidden Jazz Collective (trio/quintet) 
A jazz ensemble dedicated to the influence of “electric jazz”. We take electronic sounds long forgotten from Weather Report, Return To Forever, bring them into modern ears with throuh originals of jazz’s up and coming artists with a groove twist. 

Campbell Charshee – Nord, Sunrizer, NESynth 
German Gonzalez – Guitars 
Billy Carrión Jr. – Bass, Effects 
Jon Di Fiore – Drums 
Carlos Maldonado – Congas, Percussion 

• The Rican Rebels 
Billy’s Roots to the world ensemble. Taking everything he has learned, he joins with some of the best musicians Puerto Rico Has to Offer, and performs a blend of Puerto Rican Roots, electronic soundscapes, and melodies and rhythms from around the world to create a unique sonic experience. 

Billy Carrión Jr. – Baritone Saxophone, ‘Harmonic Weapon’ 
Javi Perez – Guitars 
Jorge ‘Bebo’ Rivera – Keyboards, Sunrizer, NESynth 
‘Goldo’ Luis Rodriguez – Bass 
Efrain Martinez – Drums 
Daniel Diaz -Congas, 
Percussion Beto Torrens – Baríl, World Percussion 

Billy’s notable performances:

• Puerto Rico Heineken Jazzfest • The Stone Pony • Exit 0 International Jazz Festival • Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola • Chick Corea Festival • Birdland • Caramoor Jazz Festival • CBGB • River to River Festival • Sullivan Hall • Light of Day Festival • The Bitter End • The Toro Y Salsa Festival • Somethin Jazz Club • Hat City Kitchen • Tomi Jazz • Symphony Space • 92nd Street Y

3 albums coming out in 2014: 

Three Free – Out March 9th
Hidden Jazz Collective – out spring 2014
The Rican Rebels – out fall 2014


Check out Billy’s site!


Gear list: 
Yanagisawa 901a baritone saxophone (2002)
Berg Larsen Hard Rubber mouthpiece with custom facing
Rico ‘Orange Box’ reeds
Yanagisawa 901 silver plated tenor (2003)
Otto Link Hard Rubber mouthpiece with custom facing
Rico ‘Orange Box’ Reeds
Yanagisawa 880 alto (80’s?)
Selmer Metal Soloist E facing
Rico ‘Orange Box Reeds’
Custom pedal board “Harmonic weapon”
Featuring board from Monkey Dream, custom pedals from various companies including Digitech, Zoom, Copilot FX, Rocktron, MXR
“My Bass Is A Decepticon”
Fender Power Jazz bass made from various parts
Passive fretted jazz bass
custom made  bass for ‘straight ahead’
Fretless passive piezo/magnetic hollow body beatle bass
custom electronics from Dave Wendler
bass made from various parts in the sound of Tarus Mateen
Passive ’51 p bass with fretless neck, art piece by Andrea Kroenig “Untitled Blues”
Skin on Skin Congas (60’s)
Real skin heads
LP classic bongos (60’s)
Real skin and artificial head (Evans)
Various Rhythym-Tech, LP, and Mienl hand percussion