Bop Style

Be Bop is often referred to as “The Golden Age” of Jazz, and its rhythm and harmony does indeed tend to heavily influence all modern forms of Jazz. These baritone saxophonists are all master improvisers and are fluent in the language of Bop.

Bill Perkins

Born: July 22, 1924 in San Francisco, CA

Died: August 9, 2003 in Sherman Oaks, CA

Perennially popular West Coast reedman

by Todd S. JenkinsCopyright © 2003 Todd S. Jenkins


Bill Perkins was one of the quiet lions of West …

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Cecil Payne

December 14, 1922 – Nov. 27, 2007

Although he was one of the finest baritone saxophonists to emerge from the bop era, Cecil Payne has been underrated and frequently overlooked throughout his long career. Payne, who played guitar, alto and clarinet (and spent 1943-46 in the military) first played baritone …

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Claire Daly

Bio from Claire’s Website:

Claire will tell you that her life changed on Sept. 23rd, 1971, when as a very (very) young girl, playing saxophone for 3 months, she heard a big band concert at the Westchester County Center. The saxophone section stood up for a soli, and Claire was …

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Jack Nimitz

March 5, 1928 – June 10, 2009

Although he has had a long and productive career, Jack Nimitz has long been underrated, not getting a chance to lead his own record session until a 1995 set for Fresh Sound, when he was already 65. He started on the clarinet when he was …

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Jerome Richardson

November 15, 1920 — June 23, 2000

Jerome Richardson’s point of origin was on the other side of the North American continent–Oakland, California, to be exact.

Jerome started on alto saxophone at the age of eight. In his teens Benny Carter, Johnny Hodges and Willie Smith were his ideals. …

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Leo Parker

April 18, 1925 – February 11, 1962

Leo Parker was the proud owner of a big, beefy baritone sax tone and a fluent technique that struck a great match between the gritty, down-home feeling of R&B and the advanced harmonies of bebop. At first, he studied alto in high …

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Ronnie Ross

Ronnie Ross’ bio care of Wikipedia:

“Albert Ronald “Ronnie” Ross (2 October 1933, Calcutta, India – 12 December 1991, London, England) was a jazz baritone saxophonist. Ross moved to England in 1946 and began playing tenor saxophone in the 1950s with Tony Kinsey, Ted Heath, and Don Rendell. During his tenure with Rendell he switched …

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Sahib Shihab

June 23, 1925 – October 24, 1989

Besides being one of the first jazz musicians to convert to Islam and change his name (1947), Sahib Shihab was also one of the earliest boppers to use the flute. But he was also a fluent soloist on the alto, as well as …

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Serge Chaloff


November 24, 1923 – July 16, 1957

One of the great baritone-saxophonists and the first major soloist on that instrument to emerge since Harry Carney (he preceded Gerry Mulligan), Serge Chaloff was a drug addict during his prime years, resulting in broken friendships and lost opportunities. After playing …

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