Baritone Saxophonists

We have created pages for as many baritone saxophonists as we can in order to better educate the world about all of the fantastic baritone saxophonists that exist and have passed on.

There are bound to be more baritone saxophonists, those we missed, and those we don’t know yet, but this is an ongoing work. Each baritonist is grouped into a genre. These genres are very much approximate, and are only for organizational purposes. Please check out all of the wonderful players on this site, and be sure to give them each a rating at the bottom of the page.

Avant Garde

The “advance guard” or forefront of music. Treated indifferently by many, loathed by some, but cherished and practiced by a select few. The baritone saxophonists here are adventurers who take risks and try to push boundaries in search of new sounds.

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Hard Bop/Modern

Welcome to the mainstream! The baritone saxophonists here have all studied the masters and are fluent in the language of bop and the periods that followed in the 50s and 60s. This type of Jazz is by far  the most celebrated and widespread form.

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Modern Rock

Jazz was once the predominant and most popular form of music in America. It has since been overtaken and far overshadowed by various forms of Rock and Roll (and other genres). These baritone saxophonists have taken an instrument developed for marching bands, made popular in jazz, and adapted it to work with music powered by …

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Modern Swing

A recent resurgence in swing music from the 1920’s and 1930’s has led to a few new baritone saxophonists gaining notoriety.

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Next Generation

Meet the future of the baritone saxophone! These young musicians are not just keeping the traditions alive, but expanding and enriching a long heritage of low noted musicality.

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Pre-Bop Style

Before Be Bop came along in the 1930s or so, swing music was king. These baritone saxophonists are primarily known for anchoring fantastic big bands, but most of them are incredible soloists in their own right.

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Bop Style

Be Bop is often referred to as “The Golden Age” of Jazz, and its rhythm and harmony does indeed tend to heavily influence all modern forms of Jazz. These baritone saxophonists are all master improvisers and are fluent in the language of Bop.

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Cool Jazz Style

There are often rivalries between the east and west coasts of America, and music is no exception. The Cool Jazz style was primarily developed and practiced on the west coast. It features more subtle rhythms and melodies that accentuated the counter culture lifestyle of the west coast in the 50’s.

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