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Tony Lustig at Birdland – 2/19/2015

Tony Lustig, saxaphoneNYC Jazz Baritone Sax fans will have a chance to catch Tony Lustig and his quintet at their Birdland jazz club debut on Thursday February 19th (6PM). Tony is a monster baritonist, we hope everyone can check it out! Extra details below..

New Gary Smulyan Transcription

Smulyan-press4Thanks to Mark Hiebert we have added a new Gary Smulyan transcription to the transcriptions page!

You’ll also notice that in an effort to be your one-stop-shop destination for all things baritone, we have started posting some additional transcriptions not hosted on this site around the internets. Be sure to check out those sites in depth too.

Always remember that listening to the recording of a transcription is more important than just reading the transcription, and transcribing it yourself will always be more beneficial. That being said, we hope you enjoy.

Keep it low –

Learning Altissimo on the baritone? Jeff Suzda can help.

Baritone saxophonist Jeff Suzda has posted the first in a series of helpful short instructional videos to help others in their altissimo journey.

Be sure to check back on Jeff’s YouTube page for his additional videos in the coming weeks, and if you haven’t already checked it out, go take a gander at his 4 octave chromatic scale demonstration.

UPDATE: Check out Jeff’s subsequent videos Part 2, and Part 3!

The Steve Goodson Baritone Sax

Professional baritone saxophonist Steve Goodson has designed his own baritone saxophone to address all of the problems found in most baritone saxophones (especially newer models). All of these updates look great! A low Bb model would be a beautiful thing, but is unlikely to ever see the light of day because it is not economically feasible.

Glenn Wilson’s new project

Glenn Wilson has a fantastic new CD out. It features the music of the Late Thomas Chapin (a fantastic wind instrumentalist, and baritone saxophonist as well).

You can listen to samples and get it on CDBaby, or head over to Glenn’s website to find out more about it. The arrangements are incredibly well written and performed, and the use of the baritone/trombone front-line in this context is gorgeous.


Here’s what Glenn has to say about it:

“The Music – The first time I heard Thomas Chapin’s recording, Haywire, I was immediately struck by the juxtaposition of the raw beauty of the strings with Tom’s working trio and the maniacal-yet-tender compositions. The music has an almost folk-like or classical feel at times but the free jazz bubbling underneath rises to the surface at regular intervals and keeps the listener (and the players) alert and involved. It’s been a great pleasure adapting the music for our instrumentation. Each time we perform this music in concert, listeners are captivated by the vitality, humor and presence of the tunes.”

Glenn Wilson – baritone sax, flute
Jim Pugh – trombone
Dorothy Martirano – violin
Tomeka Reid – cello
Armand Beaudoin – cello, bass
Chris Nolte – bass
Josh Hunt – drums
Matt Plaskota – percussion

New site is up, Frank Basile’s new project!

Welcome to the new JazzBariSax.com! The new framework of the site will allow for much more interactivity and more frequent updates. We will now be able to feature new releases, reviews, upcoming gigs and all sorts of amazing baritone branded events. We also are hoping to get some new articles to celebrate the re-launch of the site. Thank you for making it so popular!

Our first exciting bit of news to relate is that baritone saxophonist Frank Basile has just launched a Kickstarter project to help get his next CD put into production and released. Kickstarter is a wonderful new online project funding website where artists can really take control and get the money they need to make their music become real. Frank’s last two albums as a leader are fantastic, and there is absolutely no doubt this one will be too. Head on over to his Kickstarter page to pledge! You can pledge different amounts of money, your credit card is only charged at the completion date if the project is successful. Lets make sure it is.

A baritone HANG in NYC!

On Thursday May 10th, 2012 Claire Daly and Andrew Hadro co-hosted a veritably massive hang for all of the baritone saxophonists in the NYC area. We had a great turnout, and an even better time talking all things baritone. Claire graciously offered her loft space and JazzBariSax.com provided the snacks.

We were lucky enough to have with us all of these great people (in no particular order): Adison Evans, Andrew Hadro, Claire Daly, Jason Marshall, Matt Snyder, B.J. Jansen, Roger Rosenberg, Kenny Berger, Don Payne, Ex Xiques, Frank Basile, Erik Lawrence, Frank Vacin, Brad Hubbard, Tony Lustig, Lisa Parrott, Jon Gudmundson!