Nov 16 2015

Drop us a line!

  • Have any exciting news related to the baritone saxophone?
  • Got a CD you want to let everyone know about?
  • Baritone sax gig?
  • New horn?
  • Favorite album?
  • Awesome / Funny/ Bizarre Picture?

Send us an email at info @ jazzbarisax.com !


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A site dedicated to the king of all instruments. Curated by baritone saxophonist Andrew Hadro.


  1. Rodney New

    Love the site. Thank you!

    Would think about adding Celine Bonacina to the artist profiles?

  2. Han Wezenaar

    Hi There!
    Happy new year to all jazzbari’s wherever they are!
    As gigs are slow at the moment I’m trying to get a thriller novel together about a special bari, and a quarrel between some bari players.
    What I need are more remarkable stories/events/adventures from, or about, other bari players.
    Please, tell me all about it – thanks!.
    Han “Not Whispering” Wezenaar (originally from the Netherlands now living in Portugal, Europe)

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