Dec 28 2016

Danny Harrington releases a new track

Baritonist Danny Harrington recently posted a beautiful rendition of a classic ballad. Take a listen!

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  1. Bruce W. Diggs

    Listening to your piece has inspired me to carry on to build my vintage Bari Sax, a Buffet and Crampon built for a gent in New York from the French company, The neck where the mouthpiece fits is unusually large whereas today’s mouthpieces will not fit, disabling the instrument. Once I get over this hurtle I can fill my dream to play sweet tunes as you. I know Adolph wanted it this way. Please help if you know of a early vintage mouthpiece or today’s mouthpiece that would fit a bit smaller than 3/4 inch neck end.

    Keep on composing and playing, love it.

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