Welcome to the internet, leoparkermusic.com

Almost 15 years ago I took the helm of this site and launched it at its current home, jazzbarisax.com. The reason I created this site and maintain it is to address the lack of readily available information about the baritone saxophone and the musicians that use it as their voice. Especially the ones that aren’t Gerry Mulligan or Pepper Adams (though I love them too). So it with great pleasure that I welcome a new website devoted entirely to Leo Parker!

LeoParkerMusic.com is an incredible new site with an incredible level of detail. Frank Basile has done so much research and work over the years. In the past I noted his complete discography, which now has a home on this new site in addition to biographical information, excellent photos, a complete chronology and even a list of his compositions. 

All true baritonists know Leo Parker, and its shocking how few non-baritonists know him. Ronnie Cuber once told me that he can’t listen to Leo anymore otherwise he’ll sound too much like him! So head on over to this new site and learn more about the father of baritone be-bop.

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