Nov 27 2016

Another Cecil Payne Transcription

Thanks again to Fred Koch, there is another Cecil Payne transcription in the repository. The song is “This Time the Dream Is On Me”. Check it out!

Nov 15 2016

Harry Carney’s last saxophone to be gifted to Berklee

cover170x170Some very exciting news in the world of the baritone saxophone has developed. Harry Carney was a longtime member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and by longtime I mean from age 17 until his death at 64 (just months after Duke passed). In addition to his work with that band his sound is considered one of the most beautiful and richest of all baritone sounds, and I personally have never encountered a baritonist who didn’t admire Mr. Carney’s playing.

Carney was an artist for Conn saxophones and endorsed and played their horns throughout his entire career. Towards the end of his career Carney actually played a low A Conn – they are somewhat rare but do exist. They have a somewhat different design than most modern low A horns and a much bigger bell. Carney performed on this horn on his last recording, Continuum, which featured him with the Duke Ellington Orchestra led by Mercer Ellington. You can even see Carney holding the horn in the album cover. (See image to the left).

The really interesting bit of baritone related history is that Deval Patrick, the former Governor of Massachusetts is actually the son of Pat Patrick, the famed baritone saxophonist often heard with the Sun Ra Arkestra. Through a series of events Deval has ended up with Carney’s horn and will actually be gifting the horn to the Berklee school of music in Boston. A brand new book about his father is just being published: Pat Patrick: American Musician and Cultural Visionary (African American Cultural Theory and Heritage)

Danny Harrington with Harry Carney's horn, standing in front of a photo of Pat Patrick

Danny Harrington with Harry Carney’s horn, standing in front of a photo of Pat Patrick

Longtime Berklee faculty member and fantastic baritone saxophonist, Danny Harrington will actually be performing on Harry Carney’s horn in the reception to celebrate the gifting of the horn this week in Boston. Check out this great photo of Danny holding the horn! He has had the opportunity to play the horn and speaks highly of it. Check back soon for a full interview with Danny about the horn, how it plays, its history and where its going.

I’m glad to know that Harry Carney’s final horn will be finding a great permanent home in Boston.

Nov 07 2016

New Cecil Payne transcription!

cecilThanks to Fred Koch, you will find a new Cecil Payne transcription in the repository. This one on a blues called “Bringing Up Father”. Head on over and give it a whirl,

Oct 10 2016

Vapors of Morphine to go on tour

14449741_1254986214534516_2802479123305617815_nFans of the somewhat underground low-note based band Morphine that included baritone saxophonist Dana Colley have something new to be excited for. The band is going on tour, including a few dates in the US and a number of dates in Europe. Including Saturday October 15th in Brooklyn NY!

This band is the most authentic Morphine cover band possible since it includes 2 of the 3 original members. Check out their tour page for a complete list of shows.

Sep 01 2016

Larry Dickson produces another excellent album

LD_SummergoldPromises_coverCincinnati based baritone saxophonist, Larry Dickson sent us another album, . Much like the first one, this album has an excellent mix of songs. About half originals and a mix of standards, lesser known composers, and a Strayhorn-Ellington piece. The arrangements are very swinging and tasteful, the band’s playing and the recording quality is quite professional. I especially enjoyed Larry’s originals compositions. They have the feeling of classic swinging tunes, but are completely new to the ear.

Trombonist, Bill Gemmer has a number of really great solo moments as well, with an excellent mix of beautiful tone and plenty of agility on the trombone. Larry’s playing at times reminds me very favorably of Ronnie Cuber, especially on Weep. Mulligan fans will recognize this tune as one of the more memorable from the Gerry Mulligan Concert Jazz Band. And other times I am reminded of Gary Smulyan’s deep edged tone, but really what we’re hearing is Larry’s sound that has been honed through years of dedication to the baritone saxophone in a jazz setting. And for that we are grateful. If you get a chance, I’d recommend getting a copy of “Summergold Promises” for yourself and any fan of the jazz baritone sax.

Aug 26 2016

NYC Historical Jazz Club Map

Jon DeLucia has put together an interesting Google Map collection for those NYC Jazz History Buffs. It shows the locations (sometimes approximate) of gone and perhaps mostly forgotten jazz clubs around the city. Check it out!

Jul 24 2016

RIP Charles Davis

davis1We are saddened to learn that baritone (and lately tenor) saxophonist great Charles Davis passed away on July 15th 2016.

Jul 12 2016

Tim Stocker’s new YouTube lesson series

Baritone Saxophonist, Tim Stocker (currently residing in Singapore) has a new website and a new lesson series he is just starting up on YouTube. He includes some great daily exercises and tips for the baritone. Check out the first video below!

May 19 2016

Eden Bareket releases a trio album

edenbareketEden Bareket  has released a new album titled “Choice”. It features his trio (baritone, drums, bass) on the Fresh Sound label. Its full of original music and is a great listen. A bit about Eden:

Although a relative newcomer to New York’s scene, the Argentina-born Israeli baritone saxophonist Eden Bareket quickly gained notice and esteem as an in-demand Sideman. Indeed Bareket’s collaborative projects show an eclectic streak, as is horn playing ranges from modern classic Eyal Vilner Big-Band, to the adventurous Ari Hoenig Nonet, to even the Ethiopian jazz inspired grooves of Anbessa Orchestra. As his star has continued to rise, Bareket has also woven these disparate musical strands together in his own leader project , a trio featuring bassist Or Bareket and drummer Felix Lecaros. This notably minimalist and unfussy instrumentation is utilized to the group’s advantage as the trio unveils a set of sparsely funky, often dark-hued to grooves, all while stretching out their positions into very open territory.” – Hot House Jazz Guide

Check out his website, or get the album here!

May 11 2016

Mr. Joe Temperley has passed away.

A mentor, educator, performer, great human being, and master of the baritone saxophone.
His unique sound on the baritone saxophone and bass clarinet was heard with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra since its inceptions. Mr. Temperley also has numerous albums. Please take some time to watch the tribute JALC performed last year to him.

EDIT: Read the official obituary in the New York Times here.


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