Other great sites on the internets

the-internet-a-series-of-tubesRecently people have been inquiring about other sites we’d recommend around the web. Well here are a few of our favorites at JazzBariSax.com!

There are so many websites dedicated to the saxophone, here are just a few:

  • www.bestsaxophonewebsiteever.com – Great articles, reviews and information about the saxophone in general
  • www.modernbarisax.com – Reviews, articles and interviews relating to the baritone saxophone!
  • www.vandorentv.com – Excellent videos and interviews of great wood wind musicians and Vandoren Artists. Theres an app for iOS and Android too!
  • www.saxpics.com – A huge repository of information and images of vintage saxophones of all types.

Go forth and check out all the awesome web sites dedicated to saxophone, and the baritone saxophone!

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