New article in Downbeat from Josh Sinton

The NYC baritonist, Josh Sinton has an in-depth and informative article in the May 2019 edition of DownBeat magazine as part of the recurring ‘Reed School’ series. Josh goes into great detail about his work to expand his dynamic abilities and also about the inspiration for this endeavor, Harry Carney.

My own personal opinion is that with the under-appreciation and stereo-typing of the baritone saxophone, it is more often than not considered a loud instrument, but frankly it should have just as much of a dynamic range as any other woodwind. As such, I’m glad Josh has put this out into the world with a step by step account of how he’s approached working on dynamics.

Josh’s writing is very thorough but readable. I’d recommend that any baritone saxophonist looking to round out their abilities check out this article.

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