Howard Johnson has passed away.

I am sad to report that Howard Johnson passed away this morning. Below is the message from his partner. If you are not familiar with Howard, I recommend you become familiar. He was a very important baritone saxophonist and musician.

“I am deeply saddened to announce that Howard, my beloved partner of many years, passed away this morning after a long illness. Plans for a memorial service will be announced in the near future.
During his remarkable life, Howard dedicated himself to creating a distinctive jazz legacy, and to advancing the stature and versatility of his signature instrument, the tuba. It is his wish that—in lieu of flowers or other tributes—memorial donations be made to benefit The Howard Johnson Tuba Jazz Program Fund at Penn State, an endowment which will provide a residency program for low brass musicians and baritone sax. Donations to the fund can be received at:
Thanks for all the love and appreciation you have shown Howard over the many years he has charmed and amazed us. And for your kind support during this difficult time.
Nancy Olewine”


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