Help musicians!

Musicians everywhere are out of work for a month or more because of the ongoing health crisis and COVID-19 outbreak. All tours, all festivals and all performances have been cancelled for weeks or possibly longer. Many of the day-jobs that musicians rely on for more reliable income have also been put on hold. 

This situation is hard on everyone but ‘working from home’ is not really as viable of an option for musicians. In a matter of days everyone with already difficult financial situations essentially became completely unemployed. So please, if you can send extra support to your favorite musicians. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Purchase their album. Don’t stream – as only cents are delivered to the artist from streaming. If possible purchase directly from the artist or through artist friendly sites like
  • Purchase their Merch. Musicians often have things for sale other than albums, books, etudes, sheet music, shirts etc. Again purchasing direct is best
  • Take an online lesson! Pretty much every working musician has opened up their online teaching studio. If there was any musician you wanted to have a lesson with, now is the time! If there’s anyone on this site you’d like to connect with contact us and we’ll be happy to put you in touch.
  • Many musicians and bands are doing live stream performances or masterclasses. Consider watching, they are either free (donation suggested) or low cost.
  • Consider commissioning a musician to write a song, arrangement, cover, or create a recording for you. Many musicians have home studios setup and can multi-track recordings.
  • If you are a NYC based musician, fill out this survey from the city.
  • Hire a musician! If you have work available, see if performing artists affected by everything can be hired to fill temporary positions or jobs.
  • Donate to a musician relief fund. MusicCares has set up a relief fund and others are sure to follow.
  • Donate directly to musicians if you like what they do and want to support them.
  • If you are so inclined, contact local, state, and federal political representatives and encourage them to include free-lance and performing artists in relief packages.

For all of you saxophonists at home with unexpected extra alone time, check out our videos page and transcription repository.

Stay healthy everyone.

Andrew Hadro

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