Charles Evans on MOPDTK’s remake of “Kind of Blue”

If you follow the jazz world you may have noticed some controversy stirring recently about an upcoming release. Mostly Other People Do The Killing or MOPDtK are a group of modern jazz veterans known for producing music that is just beyond comfortable to most jazz fans but makes important points, has great humor, and is flawlessly executed.

They have re-recorded Kind of Blue, the iconic Miles Davis album. The album Blue will be released, recreating note for note, quite literally, every bass line, every solo, every chord. This has riled up some folks for sure.

Baritone saxophonist Charles Evans has written an excellent post on the subject. (no relation to Peter Evans who plays in MOPDtK, although they are frequent collaborators as well). Charles has known these musicians for quite some time and articulates his points very well.

Head on over to his site and give it a read.

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