Jan 23 2017

Tribute album and scholarship creation for Joe Temperley

NYC based twin-brothers, and saxophonists Will And Peter Anderson have created a Kickstarter project in their efforts to produce a tribute album to the late baritone saxophonist, Joe Temperley. They are also endeavoring to set up a scholarship in his name at the Juilliard School where Mr. Temperley taught for many years. Check out the video below, and CLICK HERE to check out the project on Kickstarter.

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  1. Anne Turner

    Began listening to Wynton Marsalis’s JLCO during their Xmas music and was totally enthralled by Paul Nedzela..Also heard Joe Temperley play Lush Life and a few others…As I am drawn to lower music notes/tones, this was just great listening to both…I only hope that any sax player would take the time to listen to Joe T. and his ” teaching” on playing, the instrument and it’s parts, why he uses what he does, and of course keeping the instruments he has. I am a great grandma who has played a piano and multitude of other keyed/string instruments, now just doing piano and bass guitar…Being 77, there are many things you drag along with you, but music is always there to enjoy….Thank you for raising scholarship monies in the name of Mr. Temperley…

    Anne Turner

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