Jan 13 2014

Summer jazz camp time!


Now is the best time to sign up for summer jazz camps and workshops! Some camps offer early bird discounts or have limited spaces. Check out a list of some of the prominent jazz camps and workshops below.

Several summer jazz camps and workshops have baritone saxophonists on faculty, but there isn’t a summer program out there that can rival The Litchfield Jazz Camp for presence of the baritone saxophone. This 5 week camp lists Claire Daly, Gary Smulyan, Lauren Sevian, and Andrew Hadro as faculty at the camp.

Click here to read more about the program at The Litchfield Jazz Camp!

Leave a comment if you have been to one of these camps or have one to recommend!


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  1. Will

    For Texas residents, the jazz camps (there’s two different ones) at University of North Texas are very fun and informational. Brad Leali and Shelly Carol are some of the best teachers I’ve had, even if I only had them for a week.

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