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Glenn Wilson’s new project

Glenn Wilson has a fantastic new CD out. It features the music of the Late Thomas Chapin (a fantastic wind instrumentalist, and baritone saxophonist as well).

You can listen to samples and get it on CDBaby, or head over to Glenn’s website to find out more about it. The arrangements are incredibly well written and performed, and the use of the baritone/trombone front-line in this context is gorgeous.


Here’s what Glenn has to say about it:

“The Music – The first time I heard Thomas Chapin’s recording, Haywire, I was immediately struck by the juxtaposition of the raw beauty of the strings with Tom’s working trio and the maniacal-yet-tender compositions. The music has an almost folk-like or classical feel at times but the free jazz bubbling underneath rises to the surface at regular intervals and keeps the listener (and the players) alert and involved. It’s been a great pleasure adapting the music for our instrumentation. Each time we perform this music in concert, listeners are captivated by the vitality, humor and presence of the tunes.”

Glenn Wilson – baritone sax, flute
Jim Pugh – trombone
Dorothy Martirano – violin
Tomeka Reid – cello
Armand Beaudoin – cello, bass
Chris Nolte – bass
Josh Hunt – drums
Matt Plaskota – percussion