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Opportunity to see Kenny Berger live

Baritonist, Kenny Berger has let us know about an upcoming gig he has in New York City.

Kenny Berger and New Tricks will be playing Thursday September 5th from 6-8pm at Silvana (300 w. 116th St NY, NY 10026)

Rounding out the band is alto saxophonist David Bixler, Chip Jackson on bass and Chuck Zeuren on drums. If you’re in or around NYC this is a great choice for a nice evening of live jazz.

Baritone Madness this weekend at Dizzy’s (NYC)

Be sure to check out Dizzy’s club Coca Cola in NYC this weekend for some tremendous baritone line ups!

Featuring Marcus Printup, trumpet; Brianna Thomas, vocals; Gary Smulyan, baritone saxophone; Jonathan Batiste, piano (Oct 5-6); Tardo Hammer, piano (Oct 7 only); Philip Kuehn, bass; Joe Saylor, drums; Paul Nedzela, baritone saxophone (Oct 5; Frank Basile, baritone saxophone (Oct 6): Tony Lustig, baritone saxophone (Oct 7).


Also check out the gigs page to find out where Brad Hubbard is doing unaccompanied performances this weekend.

A baritone HANG in NYC!

On Thursday May 10th, 2012 Claire Daly and Andrew Hadro co-hosted a veritably massive hang for all of the baritone saxophonists in the NYC area. We had a great turnout, and an even better time talking all things baritone. Claire graciously offered her loft space and JazzBariSax.com provided the snacks.

We were lucky enough to have with us all of these great people (in no particular order): Adison Evans, Andrew Hadro, Claire Daly, Jason Marshall, Matt Snyder, B.J. Jansen, Roger Rosenberg, Kenny Berger, Don Payne, Ex Xiques, Frank Basile, Erik Lawrence, Frank Vacin, Brad Hubbard, Tony Lustig, Lisa Parrott, Jon Gudmundson!