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New Article: Bass Clarinet for Baritonists

As a baritone saxophonist in NYC I find there is more and more bass clarinet written for the baritone chair. Its a beautiful instrument and something that most baritone saxophonists should consider playing in addition.

I was thrown into the bass clarinet world in college and was woefully unprepared. So I’ve gathered some information from my experience of the last 20 years and collated it into a new article to hopefully help young (or old!) baritonists dive into the world of the bass clarinet.

Please check out the article and let me know what you think!

Bass Clarinet for Baritonists


New Article on Section Playing!


Roger Rosenberg has recently submitted a great article with his unique insights on playing in sections as a baritone saxophonist. Roger has a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to playing in ensembles and he has played and recorded with some of the best bands around.

Click here to read Roger’s article on section playing!

You can catch Roger June 1st at Smalls in NYC co-leading the Hayes Greenfield-Roger Rosenberg Quartet. Roger will also be on tour with Steely Dan mid July through October.