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In depth review and interview on Gary Smulyan’s latest album

The Jazz Profiles blog has posted a very in depth and interesting article on Gary Smulyan‘s latest album, “Alternative Contrafacts

The post is worth a read and the album is definitely worth a listen. I think this is one of Gary’s best albums, especially in trio format.

Head on over and read the article to learn more about contrafacts and Gary’s album.

Opportunity to see Kenny Berger live

Baritonist, Kenny Berger has let us know about an upcoming gig he has in New York City.

Kenny Berger and New Tricks will be playing Thursday September 5th from 6-8pm at Silvana (300 w. 116th St NY, NY 10026)

Rounding out the band is alto saxophonist David Bixler, Chip Jackson on bass and Chuck Zeuren on drums. If you’re in or around NYC this is a great choice for a nice evening of live jazz.

New article – Baritone Saxophone Cases!

I have been meaning to put together an article on cases specifically for baritone saxophones for some time. It might be the most common thing I get asked about in regards to the big horn. 

In the new article released today I’ve collated my advice, experience and hopefully a fairly complete and accurate comparison of many of the options out there today. I’d like to thank Jason Marshall, Lauren Sevian, and Jeff Suzda for their input on the article as well.

Please head on over and check out the Baritone Saxophone Cases article.

New Album from Tim Stocker

Baritone Saxophonist, Tim Stocker, has just released an album he has been working on for some time. These days Tim is living and playing in Singapore, but this album features some of the best musicians in NYC. The music is groove oriented with lots of great blowing and stretching out.

The album is officially out, so head on over and have a listen for yourself:

Paul Nedzela’s debut album released today

As mentioned previously, Baritonist Paul Nedzela is releasing his debut album as a leader. Today, July 12th in fact. 

The album is simply titled, “Introducing Paul Nedzela”, and he’s brought in a great group of musicians to support him.

Paul was a student of the late Joe Temperley, and now holds the baritone chair in Wynton Marsalis’ Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. In this author’s opinion, Paul is one of the best baritone saxophonists out there. He gets some solo opportunities in the LJCO, but its great to see him have a chance to really showcase his writing, blowing and small group work.

I’ve only made it through the whole album once, but rest assured its going to stay in rotation. Paul has a beautiful sound, unique to him, but clearly influenced by the baritone greats. 

Use the links below to check out Paul’s album.

Lauren Sevian discusses her favorite baritone solos has posted a nice article with baritone saxophonist, Lauren Sevian, in which she discusses some of her favorite and some of the most iconic baritone saxophone solos. They have even created a nice Spotify playlist so you can listen to everything referenced.

Lauren is of course well versed in all the different baritone saxophone recordings, and I think her list is an excellent one with quite a bit of variation and hitting a lot of the major solos. Definitely a great starting place for a young baritone saxophonist or someone interested in delving deeper in the deep saxophone.

Check out the full article:

Artist’s Choice: Lauren Sevian’s Favorite Baritone Sax Solos

Paul Nedzela releases single from upcoming album.

Paul Nedzela holds the baritone chair in the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. In between all of the rehearsing, performing, and traveling he’s managed to record his first album as a leader and has just released a single from it.

The full album will be released in July 12th. I’m looking forward to hearing it, and many of you should be too.

Head on over to read more about it and check out the single titled “Lisa”

Video Interview with Pepper Adams

Check out this unique interview with Pepper Adams from 1977!

A fantastic chance to hear him speak – he even covers the reason behind his then recent departure from the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis band.

Thanks to Gary Carner of for putting up the link for this. Gary has collected an incredible number of interviews (many audio only) with Pepper that you can check out here:

Have you met the Baritone Army?

Stefan Zeniuk is perhaps most known for wielding his creation, the Flame-O-Phone. He is also often part of various rock, and jazz groups in addition to many different types of unique performance art.

Stefan wrote an article for the Red Hook Brooklyn Based Star Revue paper for the 10th anniversary of his creation, the Baritone Army. They are known for bizarre and humorous appearances mostly around New York City but have expanded globally as well. One of their more extravagant projects are their videos “The Honking Dead” a baritone saxophone based parody of the popular show, “The Walking Dead”.

Check out his recent articles here.