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Gary Smulyan & Frank Basile Quintet shows available for stream!

A few weeks ago at Smalls club in the West Village of New York City, I had the extreme pleasure or watching two sets that featured some of the best baritone playing around. Gary Smulyan & Frank Basile are two incredible baritone saxophonists that are directly connected to the Pepper Adams lineage.

Everyone can now watch both evenings (4 sets total) on the online streaming archive from Smalls – called SmallLive. You’ll need to sign up for a membership, but $10 a month is a small price for the incredible amount of live jazz you’ll have access to. This concert alone had a $20 cover per set to see. Also, in these strange times Musicians and Clubs need all the support they can get – Smalls shares revenue from online streaming with the musicians.

Head over to the Smalls Live archive and watch these incredible sets:

Leo Parker’s complete discography, compiled by Frank Basile

Leo Parker

is definitely among the greats when it comes to baritone saxophonists, although he is mostly known only to dedicated baritone saxophonists. He passed away at a somewhat early age and only produced a few different albums under his own name. But fortunately we now have a new resource for finding recordings with Leo on them.

Baritone saxophonist Frank Basile has completed was must have been a massive project to compile Leo Parker’s complete discography. Including all recordings he appeared on, both as a sideman, co-leader, and as a leader. The amount of research that Frank did is astounding and this is a great document for those of us interested in the original Leo P.

You can check out the fruit of Frank’s labor over at jazzdiscography.com:

Hurry, help Frank Basile! [UPDATE]

UPDATE: 6/21/2012 – Frank’s project has reached its funding goal and the project can proceed! Excellent work everyone.Frank Basile

has under a week and needs just over $1,000 to successfully fund his Kickstarter project. Having purchased and extensively listened to all of Frank’s previous albums I can safely say that this next one will be great. Remember, this is Kickstarter, so Frank doesn’t get any of the funding unless he reaches that $5,000 goal. Check out the video:

Head over to pledge to Frank’s project on 

New site is up, Frank Basile’s new project!

Welcome to the new JazzBariSax.com! The new framework of the site will allow for much more interactivity and more frequent updates. We will now be able to feature new releases, reviews, upcoming gigs and all sorts of amazing baritone branded events. We also are hoping to get some new articles to celebrate the re-launch of the site. Thank you for making it so popular!

Our first exciting bit of news to relate is that baritone saxophonist Frank Basile has just launched a Kickstarter project to help get his next CD put into production and released. Kickstarter is a wonderful new online project funding website where artists can really take control and get the money they need to make their music become real. Frank’s last two albums as a leader are fantastic, and there is absolutely no doubt this one will be too. Head on over to his Kickstarter page to pledge! You can pledge different amounts of money, your credit card is only charged at the completion date if the project is successful. Lets make sure it is.